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Electric motor operates in parallel field always constant speed

Is in operation five types of electric DC motors which are: permanent magnet motor, the field engine series, parallel field motor (shunt), excitation motor independent motor and composite (compound).

The electric motor EWDM3554T parallel field has field coils which are connected in parallel to the armature. Thus, these various coils formed in the conductor turns which is thinner than the electric motor field series.

The gauge driver vary according to the power of the electric motor, but the gauge will be sufficient therefore support the shunt field current which results in an operation speed of the electric motor always constant.

With the help of electromagnetic action, the conjugate will be proportional to both current as the flow. When starting, the current in the armature should have a limit that will be the source voltage that controls and this reduces the torque and the recommended is that the engine does not commence unless it receives the full load.

High performance electric motor

High performance electric motor plus also called brake motor is a device to be installed on machines that can stop quickly AX34.

Electric high-performance motor plus also called brake motor can be used in freight elevators, machine tools, weaving machines, packaging machines, washing machines, bottle, conveyors and other equipment requiring an electric motor which is capable of stopping rapidly safety, economy of time and position.

The characteristics of electric high-performance motor plus it also gets the bike brake name are: high yield plus, the degree of protection is IP %%, the sealing of the bearings is V’ring front and rear oil seal, cast housing, drain automatic, able to operate with frequency converter and the color of high-performance electric motor plus is green.

The options that can be applied to electric plus high performance engine are: thermistor and thermostat, brake manual unlocking, open bearings, stainless steel shaft, seal, disc brake canvas with the carcasses 71 to 160L.

Como declarar o IR das reformas realizadas no imóvel

A construção, ampliação ou reforma de um imóvel realizada no ano anterior, podem ser declaradas no Imposto de Renda do próximo ano. Informar as benfeitorias realizadas é uma das formas de atualizar o valor do imóvel no IR, já que a Receita Federal não permite que o preço de aquisição da unidade seja modificado ou reajustado.

As imobiliárias de Bauru esclarecem que a inclusão das benfeitorias no valor  de aquisição do imóvel, permite ao contribuinte diminuir a diferença entre o preço da compra e o preço da venda do bem. Quanto menor for essa diferença, menor será o valor do saldo do imposto a pagar na venda do imóvel.

A Receita permite acrescentar ao valor do bem, pequenas obras como reparos, encanamentos, pisos, paredes e pintura. As benfeitorias incluem tanto as despesas com material como as despesas de mão de obra. Elas somente poderão ser declaradas se o contribuinte conseguir comprová-las. Os gastos com a construção ou ampliação do imóvel só podem ser declarados se o projeto tiver sido aprovado pela prefeitura.