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Sync Speed

In the case of winding rotor induction electric motors it is possible to obtain any speed, from zero to approximately the synchronizing speed, depending on the variation of a simple resistance attached to the rotor winding, and which will not generate a heating thereof, considering that the losses in resistance occur independently of the motor. Another possibility of change of speed in the induction motors can be obtained through the frequency inverter, which will enable the control of the AC motor can change the frequency, as well as also realize the variation of the output voltage to be respected the characteristic of the motor voltage and frequency.

Another way of regulating the speed of alternating current motors leeson 108226, which can enable a speed ranging from zero to twice the synchronous speed, is by the known rotor system with a switch, by means of the brush off. In DC motors, the speed can be adjusted according to actual needs by inserting a rheostat components into the field circuit so that proper adjustments can be made to the flow.