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Composition by electromagnets

It is extremely important to emphasize that the concept of force is relatively based on the Lorentz force law, considering that it is perpendicular to the wire and to the magnetic field. In the case of a rotary motor, a rotating member, called a rotor, can be imparted. The rotor performs the rotation by the wires and the magnetic field are arranged so that a torque can be developed on the rotor center line. Most magnetic motors are rotating, but there are also linear types. In one of a rotating motor, the rotating part is the rotor, and the stationary part, is the stator. The motor consists of electromagnets inserted into grooves of the ferromagnetic component, which together make up the rotor body.

Most electric motors perform their due tasks through the interaction between the electromagnetic fields ac motors, however, can be found other different types of engines based on different electromechanical phenomena, such as electrostatic forces, for example. The fundamental concept in which all electromagnetic motors are based is that there is a mechanical force at all when the electric current is being driven if it is immersed in a magnetic field.

Most Common Categories of Electrical Components

One type of engine considered of extreme importance found in the industrial scenario is that of induction, which in large part presents the possibility of acting with a relatively constant velocity, making possible the variation with the mechanical load applied to the axis. It can be said that due to its simplicity, robust body and low cost, the induction machine is considered as the most used, among all other types found. In this way, it becomes suitable for virtually all types of driven machines found in practice. Nowadays, it is extremely possible to control the speed of the induction motors with the support of frequency converters.

It is important to analyze that among the main types of motors mounted bearings found in the industries can be highlighted the synchronous motors. Known for being considered capable of operating at a steady speed, induced are used, which present a predetermined constant field, thus achieving a higher return of the response to the drag process normally generated by the rotating field. In general, it is used in processes that require stable speeds when exposed to variable loads.