Advantages and Disadvantages of Current Transformers

According to the theory, advantages and disadvantages were observed in the intercomparison of the methods of compensation of the errors, as it can be examined next:

TC Active

– Advantage: by increasing the gain (α) of the amplifier the errors decrease.

– Disadvantage: this compensation has a feedback circuit, where the stability of this circuit depends on the load. Therefore, the gain can not be too high in order to maintain this stability, and with that the errors can not decrease much.        ORC4SATMP37

Two Stage CT

– Advantage: if the load impedance is small or approaching zero, then the compensation will be efficient and the error will be low.

– Disadvantage: if the load impedance increases, the error also increases by approaching the value of a CT without compensation.

TC Hybrid

– Advantage: the numerator of this equation is smaller than that of the two-stage CT equation, since the magnetic conductance of the third nucleus, Λ3, is high. The denominator is greater than the unit because of the presence of the gain amplifier (α), thus making the errors decrease more than the error of the two-stage CT.