Almost all electronic equipment needs a constant voltage and especially can not have voltage signal inversion. Signal inversions can be prevented with a device called a diode.

The diode reacts in relation to the electric charge flow.               reelcraft S601013-35

We notice that there are periods of lack of energy that arise periodically. In the electrical schemes the capacitors are represented with two parallel lines that symbolize the two conductors and, connected to the traces, two wires are designed that serve to access the conductors to be able to do the processes of loading and unloading the capacitor.

Energy storage is not the only application of the capacitors and we will see another type of application very applied in electronics, namely the possibility of defining a time scale with a combination of capacitor and resistor.

There is also a third application of capacitors very interesting. A capacitor can be used to store information. This happens on your USB Flash Drive.

Of course we want stored information not to go out over time. Above we say that even with careful isolation of the two conductors of a capacitor, the loads can escape over time. But for small amounts of load one of the conductors (called a “floating-gate”) can actually be insulated in such a way that the load on the driver does not escape for many years.