Discover the power and application of the electric motor or also known as universal motor

The universal motor, also called an electric motor, has some characteristics that relate to its speed, voltage frequency, power and application.

It is common for the electric motor or universal motor has power that is in the house of ¾ horsepower. This value allows the electric motor to be used in sanders, drills, vacuum cleaners, blenders and polishers. The electric motor power can be increased since the electric motor design suffers change. pt061150010ls

The universal motor that has a lower power and that is the house of the 1/20 hp is easily found in hair dryers, sewing machines and shavers.

Both the universal motor as a DC series motor have a building and the same operating principle as the universal motor receives food alternating current and changes the current direction and that causes the variation occurs in the field of both stator as the rotor.