Electric motor operates in parallel field always constant speed

Is in operation five types of electric DC motors which are: permanent magnet motor, the field engine series, parallel field motor (shunt), excitation motor independent motor and composite (compound).

The electric motor EWDM3554T parallel field has field coils which are connected in parallel to the armature. Thus, these various coils formed in the conductor turns which is thinner than the electric motor field series.

The gauge driver vary according to the power of the electric motor, but the gauge will be sufficient therefore support the shunt field current which results in an operation speed of the electric motor always constant.

With the help of electromagnetic action, the conjugate will be proportional to both current as the flow. When starting, the current in the armature should have a limit that will be the source voltage that controls and this reduces the torque and the recommended is that the engine does not commence unless it receives the full load.