Fundamentals of Electrical Commands

It is extremely relevant to understand the follow-up of the electric controls, in which they represent techniques and methods used to control or manipulate drives of machines and equipment. These electrical controls consist largely of power circuits, in which it is possible to find the loads, as well as the control circuit, which reach the logic of activating switching and protection components.

The electrical commands consist of electrical and electronic processes in which, through the logic of contacts can activate electric machines and automation systems, residential or industrial. In this way, they consist of load drive circuits and industrial machines. The drive of loads is the process of triggering heating systems, large lighting and cooling, for example. In electric power applications, electric commands, when it comes to the industrial sector, need to be emphasized since they represent the largest part of the transformation of electric energy into other types of energy.

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The industry ends up being the place of the activities carried out by most of the professionals of the electric branch, be it in the form of electrical command projects, installation of accessories and equipment, or even of industrial automation projects.