Most Common Categories of Electrical Components

One type of engine considered of extreme importance found in the industrial scenario is that of induction, which in large part presents the possibility of acting with a relatively constant velocity, making possible the variation with the mechanical load applied to the axis. It can be said that due to its simplicity, robust body and low cost, the induction machine is considered as the most used, among all other types found. In this way, it becomes suitable for virtually all types of driven machines found in practice. Nowadays, it is extremely possible to control the speed of the induction motors with the support of frequency converters.

It is important to analyze that among the main types of motors mounted bearings found in the industries can be highlighted the synchronous motors. Known for being considered capable of operating at a steady speed, induced are used, which present a predetermined constant field, thus achieving a higher return of the response to the drag process normally generated by the rotating field. In general, it is used in processes that require stable speeds when exposed to variable loads.