The Electrical Commands

Some different ways can be followed to achieve the reversal of rotation, which is much more costly compared to other processes. Despite its apparent simplicity and economic cost, the design of this type of motor can be extremely complex, involving concepts of double rotating field, crossfields and a very complex electromagnetic theory.

Regarding the performance and performance obtained, motors in which they have a distorted field, may usually have a low starting torque, which can vary in average from 15% to 50% of nominal, in addition to performance and power factor considerably low. Because of this reason, they are usually designed for small powers, ranging from a few thousandths of a hp to a quarter hp.      VPS-220 browning pillow blocks

For various reasons, such as their simplicity, low cost and strength, they are considered correct for specific applications, such as in the case of need for air movement, such as in environmental cleaners, ventilators, slide projectors, exhaust fans, have the function of cooling, dryers and also hair dryers, small pumps and compressors, turntables in general, and still domestic applications, among others.